Ojika’s Kominka Guesthouse: Kojiroyama

Nestled against a bamboo covered hillside at the end of a narrow road, Kojiroyama is a bit different from the other renewed houses on Ojika. With an open,  spacious floorplan, this house is designed for larger groups.  Boasting two large washitsu (Japanese style) tatami rooms, expansive central kitchen/dining room and open space, outdoor patio, and two bathrooms, this guesthouse can handle up to 8 guests.

Behind the house is a beautiful garden space with views from the patio and the veranda surrounding the Japanese style rooms.  Stocked with cookware and bedding, this guesthouse is the perfect base for an extended stay while exploring beautiful Ojika Island with a group of friends or family.

Another unique aspect of Kojiroyama is the lodging fee.  Although groups are welcome to stay just one night, or even rent the house during the day only, the real cost benefit comes to those who stay a bit longer.  The first night’s cost is 29,800 yen.  Each night following that is an additional 10,000 yen.  That’s the rate for the house itself, not a per-person charge!  Enjoying several nights here is affordable for any budget.