The Coming Spring

As we head into February, thoughts are on the coming of spring in the Goto Islands.  Daffodils are blooming and sending their sweet scent drifting on the breeze, several plum trees have burst forth with white petals against the still somewhat drab green of winter.

Plum tree with daffodils bathing in the late January sun.
Plum tree with daffodils bathing in the late January sun.

It has been unseasonably warm, the forecasted high for tomorrow is 66 deg. F (19 deg C)!

This coming week we will be hopping down south to Kamigoto to help Yo’s family with some early season tasks.  On the list of activities this time are cutting wood for charcoal making, and starting batches of miso and soy sauce.  All together, we’ll be at Yo’s parents place for about a week.

When we return to Ojika, we will put the finishing touches on the preparations for this Spring’s big event: a two week bike tour of the islands with guests from Missoula, Montana.

Last fall we purchased 3 bikes to use for tours and rentals, and I brought 2 more with me from the U.S.  I’ll be busy putting bikes together, replacing parts, and making sure everything is running smoothly before folks arrive in early March.

In full bloom
In full bloom

I must admit I’m excited about some new toys I picked up this winter…  I’ll be setting up my bike with a hub generator to charge and power necessary electronics while riding, and have a new GoPro camera to catch some good footage of us all cruising around the islands.  Keep and eye on the Facebook page for videos and updates from that tour!

After the Montana crew heads back in mid-March, a couple and their daughter will be visiting for a while.  That will take us right up to April and spring will be in full swing by then.

The sunny weather and unusually warm temperatures have been a nice welcome back to Ojika for me, and I am looking forward to a fun and busy spring in the Goto Islands!

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