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Well the new year is underway, and although it doesn’t seem like we are quite finished with the cold weather, perhaps that allows a bit more time to think and plan adventures for the coming year.

Last year we formed an alliance with experiential walking tour provider Discover Kyushu Walks to form a group called EcoTour Kyushu.  Together, we strive to offer guided small group tours with a local, welcoming feel.


We teamed up because we share values that showcase, preserve, and enhance Kyushu’s unique cultural and natural environments through sustainable, high quality tourism.

These tours offered showcase the unique, friendly style of Kyushu through experiential tours and walks.


Of course Goto Experience still is based on Ojika and we do our normal activities here on the islands.  What is different, is that one of us will also go along as a translator for any Discover Kyushu Walks led tours.

Discover Kyushu Walks focuses on guided walking tours through the countryside towns and nature of Kyushu.  Owner/operator Junji Kametsu’s tours aim to connect participants to local people, nature, and a disappearing but still existing traditional lifestyle.  Tours include places such as Minami Aso & Takachiho, Minemichi on the Kunisaki Peninsula, and the Yūkoku-Senkyō mountain trail walk.  Customized tours are one of Kametsu-san’s specialties as well.


Kametsu-san is a thoroughly prepared guide, and the amount of study he puts into gaining knowledge for his tours is exceptional.  It’s a mystery how he keeps it all in his head!


The tours offered though this partnership are for English speaking guests, so no Japanese language ability is required.  Through the combination of Kametsu-san’s guidance, and our translation/interpretation, we endeavor to create a unique immersive-type experience, allowing you to visit places you may otherwise not find.

If this sounds like the type of experience that fits you, check our combined website at for more information.  From there you can contact us with any questions you might have.


*Photos in this post were taken by Goto Experience during a 2015 Kametsu-san led walking tour to the Kunisaki Peninsula.

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