Behind Yukuzasama

I’ve been doing a little work and cleaning up the space behind kominka Yukuzasama.


Until now, if you opened most any of the sliding doors to the back of the house, you’d be looking straight into the neighbors garden/workspace.  You felt like you were almost standing right in it.  They are often out there hanging laundry, caring for the garden, etc. so it felt way too intimate on both sides, I imagine.


To give some privacy on both sides I decided to put up a wood fence the length of the shared space.  I made it to more or less match the fence on the other side of the house, the main difference being that there are no gaps between the boards to see through.


After completing the fence I decided to clean up the space, and make it functional again.  It had become an overgrown area for plants, pots, broken concrete, and an old rusted out washing machine.


While cleaning up I decided to add some vents to the underfloor area to allow airflow and help keep things dry underneath the house.  As I have mentioned before, keeping things dry under these houses is critical to maintaining a healthy kominka.  The rear of the house is quite protected so opening these areas shouldn’t be a problem for rain getting in.  I also opened them in areas with extra overhang.


Things are looking a bit neater now behind the house.  There is now enough space to walk around and work on the planting area.



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